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Bus Trips, Keeping Fit and Happy Hour

Sightseeing bus trip around the Gold Coast

Last month Ritz and Raffles were out and about enjoying some of the most beautiful parts of the Gold Coast. The residents do two trips every Monday, one in the morning for Ritz and one in afternoon for Raffles. Both enjoy the fresh air and some little goodies provided by our kitchen.

Keeping fit in aged care

Both Ritz and Raffles have very entertaining ways of keeping physical. Balloon volleyball is always a great hit as well as morning and afternoon strolls around our beautiful gardens.

Happy hour at Merrimac

Happy hour was enjoyed four very different ways last month. The first was with a concert from the talented Lone Wolf. The second with a word game. The third we tried karaoke – we might need to practice a little more for that one ๐Ÿ™‚ And the fourth was on the go due to our social distancing.

Having a little fun

When times get tough, the tough get weird and wacky in an effort to bring some smiles to our residents. Staff introduced snap chat filters to our residents who found it a lot of fun. And to bring the month to an end the staff dressed up to lighten everyone’s mood.

Around the facility

โ€œThe purpose of our lives is to be happy.โ€– Dalai Lama.

Doing things we love brings happiness. Here is some shots of our residents doing what makes them happy. From doing a hobby by oneself to spending time with friends.

This Month’s Upcoming Activities

Internal activities only due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Upcoming Birthdays

11th Connie.s
18th Velma.p
18th Dorothy.f