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Celebrations, Activities and Relaxation

Keeping In Touch with The Loved Ones

Merrimac Park Private Care knows how much you love and miss your family. They also know how much your family misses you and hard it is to stay away. The lifestyle team has got a zoom account and set up a lifestyle page for Merrimac Park resident’s family to join to face time with loved ones.

Keeping Fit by Having Regular Exercises

To help the mind and body we have done a few more garden-walks to get out in this beautiful Autumn weather. And with the 1.5m distance circle with regular exercise classes.

Cooking is Fun!

Last month in raffles, a small group of about 4 people made orange jelly cups in early April. And then they met up again to make some gluten-free cookies.

Relaxing The Mind and Body

Music therapy, morning tea in the sunshine, and pamper with flavored teas – what a way to celebrate National Tea Day. Ritz residents enjoyed rose lemonade and strawberry and watermelon cold tea and hot tea of green tea with mint, and orange. Even cinnamon and a passion fruit tea were good.

Celebrating Good Time

We also celebrated a few birthdays including one for (self-titled) the ‘Big O’ who later treated us to a little keyboard music. And a 60th wedding anniversary for two of our residents on level one.

A Simple Gathering at ANZAC Day

Everyone gathered on the balconies of Ritz this year to attend the ANZAC DAY commemorative service. And a resident from each area layered a wreath after the service.

This year assisting with our service, we had Jeffrey H., a former seaman of the Royal Australian Navy, Peter M., also a former seaman of the Royal Dutch Navy and residents John T., Margaret N, Roger, and Jean.

Happy Hour Is the Best Hour!

Merrimac likes to keep the tradition of ending the week with a drink alive with our mobile happy hour. Residents really enjoyed moments like this from all areas of the facility.

This Month’s Activities

The Lone Wolf happy hour concert – 6th, 2.00 pm
Residents meeting – 10th, 10.30 am
Cooking Soda bread and potato candy – 17th, 10.00 am
Irma Courtney concert – 18th, 10.30 am


2nd Margaret G,
4th Shirley N
14th Rosina B
15th Olive D
16th Wallace M
16th Jack M
16th Elaine M
17th Iris H