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Early Easter Celebrations & other Amusing Activities

Stanford Early Easter Tea Time Celebration

Our residents came together for a lovely time. Staff joined in to celebrate as well. Easter Bunny came a little bit early and left some small eggs on the table which were soon eaten and the paper left as evidence.

Interactive Nintendo Wii Games for Wentworth Residents

Residents of Wentworth play this kind of game to learn the difference between bowling at the ten pin bowling alley to playing it on a TV screen. The residents tried hard to work out the remotes but by the end of the 10 rounds, we had some champions scoring strikes and spares. We all look forward to playing it again.

Lest We Forget – Anzac Afternoon Tea

Residents are having a moment on a table adorned with Australian colours with lots of chatting and reminiscing. Our Stanford residents love getting together for afternoon teas. A wonderful experience to treasure!

Anzac Service Lifetime Appreciation

A heart-warming service for Stanford and Wentworth residents where we got to say thank you to those who have served in previous Wars. We also honoured two of our own male residents who served in WW11 – the Navy and Airforce.

Wentworth Afternoon Tea and Play Sessions

Residents are also appreciating some happy hour with a twist at Wentworth. They came to enjoy an afternoon beverage and play either the air hockey table or tabletop billiards the jukebox music played on the TV in the background. The residents are looking forward to including a dartboard game to the happy hour session too.

A Lovely Surprise from a Granddaughter!

Edith had a surprise visit from her granddaughter delivering a special parcel to the front door. And the staff took it to her room. Her granddaughter went around to her window to share a special chat and a massive thanks to the nursing staff for caring for her grandmother during this pandemic time.

Edith was given a special gift of a slide show put on a photo viewer that her granddaughter had put special family memory photos for her. It is for her to view while the family is unable to visit.

Amusing Seated Ping Pong Matches

The residents enjoy battling the other residents at the end of the table. The staff in the distance could hear a lot of laughter and call out “hit it to me” coming from the room so what a better way than to have some staff come and join in it was great to hear the cheering and laughter by those who wanted to challenge the nursing staff.

This Month’s Upcoming Activities

Birthday Cheer – 5th May, 2.00 pm
Hairdressing – 6th May, 10.00 am
Mother’s Day Morning Tea- 8th May, 10.00 am
International Nurses Morning Tea – 12th May, 10.00 am
Bingo – 13th May, 10.30 am
Napkin Designs – 20th May, 10.00 am
Garden Tea Party – 25th May, 2.00 pm
Baking – 36th May, 10.00 am

Upcoming Birthdays

3rd Blanche G.
3rd Daphne.H
5th Stephanie. C
7th Patricia L.
15th Renee S
17th Merle
18th Lex. W
18th Janice. M
25th Olive S.
26th Bruce. D
27th Joyce L