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Garden Parties, Dance Troupes, St Paddy’s Day & More

First Garden Party

Residents of Stanford came together for a Garden Party in the courtyard which extends from the Activities room. The area was decorated with a Chinese theme. Umbrellas, large colourful fans and large lanterns. Soft drinks, dip, biscuits, fruit and tables decorated for the occasion. Twenty residents enjoyed this new experience.

WPPC Dance Troupe

Residents came together to learn basic seated Hip Hop Moves to showcase at the end of year staff celebrations. Residents Donned on a hip hop style hat and sat in a large circle ready to learn basic moves. Residents learned the DAB to the song.”Watch me Whip watch my Nae Nae” The residents laughed at the moves saying “we are just as good as the young hip hop dancers today”. 😀 😀

Bocce Bowls

Residents of Wentworth gathered to have a game of Bocce Bowls partnering up with other residents and seeing which team would be the overall winner. This game can become very competitive especially when residents loved ones come along to join in.

Gardening Workshop

A group of ladies engaged in planting seeds by placing them in biodegradable cups.

Saint Paddy’s Day Afternoon Tea Party

Residents of Stanford came together for an afternoon Saint Paddy’s day celebration.

Friendship Group

Residents came together to enjoy an afternoon of chatting and singalong along to golden melodies songs. Our Friendship Group is very similar to the circle of men where we sit in a large circle and each residents has a chance to speak if they are holding the water lily flower. They talk and share special memories within the group. A lot of singing is done and a few laughs are shared too.

Air Hockey Challenge

Residents come and play with four players. They come to challenge each other at a game of air hockey until 1 winner wins the whole game. It’s always the best out of 10.

Flower Arrangement

Donated Gerberas for Stanford residents. Hazel and Anne arranging the flowers to display around the home.

This Month’s Upcoming Activities

Scattergories Game – 8th April, 10.30 am
Eater High Tea – 9th April, 10.30 am
Art Expression – 15th April, 10.30 am
Nintendo Wii Games – 16th April, 10.30 am
Armchair Travel – 17th April, 10.30 am
Jolly Trolley – 21st April, 3.30 pm
Anzac Service – 24th April, 10.30 am
Afternoon Tea in the Courtyard – 30th April, 10.30 am

Upcoming Birthdays

6th Margaret. L
8th Angela. G
8th Jill. D
9th Audrey. M
10th Ursula. P
17th Olli. P
24th Agnes. C
25th Geraldine. S
29th Ann. D