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Fun with Bingo, Puzzles, and Fresh Air Inside Merrimac Park

Activities Inside Merrimac Park Aged Care

The ongoing COVID virus impacted a lot of facilities Australia-wide and Merrimac was not immune.

Unfortunately, last month, we were closed to visitors and had to cancel all planned group activities, bus outings, and entertainers.

However, we still feel fortunate because our residents kept themselves busy with individual projects throughout the day. They’re able to keep in touch with loved ones and keep their mind active through arts and crafts.

They also completed puzzles, arranged flowers, enjoyed 1:1 exercises during music therapies, GENPAL,  getting out for fresh air, and bingo (yes BINGO must still go on). The players stayed in their rooms while numbers were called out down the hallway. It’s certainly not the usual way we play but the games went on all day and all players were happy, especially our winners!

Upcoming Activities:

We are hoping to be reopening this month (August).

Sound Synergy, Kelly Penny, Mr. K. Music, David Luxmore and the Idle Australian are all scheduled.

Staff Appreciation Day, Resident Meeting, and Food Focus

A range of sensory, physical, and mental wellbeing activities throughout the month.


  • 2nd Daryl B.
  • 5th Eric Q.
  • 17th Rosemary P.
  • 23rd Jennifer W.