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Witness Exciting Activities Inside Wellington Park!

Pet Therapy

We welcomed back Lyn and Lilly for pet therapy. The residents inside Wellington Park enjoyed 1 on 1 time with Lilly in their bedrooms giving dog treats and pats on the back. They also enjoyed seeing the now retired Lyn and asking her questions about her retirement.

Craft Silhouettes

Ladies enjoyed cutting and pasting fabrics, trims, feathers, and a bit of bling to create silhouettes from a bygone era. They were pleased with their outcomes which were proudly hung in the activity room for all to see.

Let’s get creative!

Wellington Park residents were gathered and distributed with buttons, paints, and a blank picture of a tree. They got to design their own button tree and bring the picture to life with their beautiful and artistic skills.

Queens High Tea

Residents, both male and female, adorned their heads with a crown, listened to Royal music, sipped their cups of tea and coffee, and enjoyed being royal for just an hour. There were laughs and chatter. As each person entered the room, they were addressed according to royal protocol and name announced and were directed to sit in front of the card with their own name on it.

Master Chef Cooking

Residents donned on their gloves, aprons, and hairnets ready to make a creation we spoke about different desserts. They got to make their own trifle. Some residents said the only time they had trifle was for Christmas but others would make it regularly for Sunday dessert. Master Chef cooking class members asked to make scones or biscuits for the next cooking adventure.

Gardening in Pearl

A tub filled with dirt was prepared for the array of flowers to be planted in Pearl’s garden bed. A few helping hands were gathered, particularly those who have had flowers at their previous homes.

Friendship of 2 mates

We witnessed a special friendship that has formed at WPPC. A resident from one wing went to another dining area to do some, in his terms, “smoko with a mate”. They sat and spoke about their past jobs and asked each other about fishing and traveling.

This Month’s Upcoming Activities

3rd Coffee and Chat – 3rd July, 10.00am
Mini Golf – 3rd July, 10.30pm
7th NAIDOC week dot art – 7th July, 10.30am
Birthday Celebration – 10th July, 2.30pm
14th Bastille Day afternoon tea – 14th July, 2.30pm
Xmas in July Celebrations – 23rd July, 10.30am
Lunch with the lifestyle team – 24th July, 11.50am

Upcoming Birthdays

1st William. B
2nd Lionel. G
6th Norma C
10th William J
10th Colin. D
13th Maureen. P
17th Maureen H
18th Harry S
20th Dave O.