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Merrimac Aged Care Services During Love Month!

Waitangi Day

Merrimac Aged Care Services held a variety of activities across the facility to acknowledge New Zealand’s National Day – Waitangi Day.

While most residents enjoyed an NZ favorite, the lolly cake residents at Ritz got together and did some fantastic artwork while over at Raffles residents got together to make feather cloak crafts. They later sat and enjoyed another Kiwi classic, the movie Footrot Flats.

Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day

Aside from sharing the love on Valentine’s Day, Merrimac Aged Care Services also got to indulge in pancakes and enjoy a Chinese New Year luncheon.

All of these cultural days brought together the collaboration of all the senses from cooking, artistic flair, to love and friendship.

Bus Trips around the Gold Coast

February bus outings have taken us to the bush, rivers, and the sea. Everyone enjoyed each other’s company, the scenery, and fresh air while giving everyone that time to ‘remember when’.

Merrimac Aged Care Services’ Finest

We all got involved in a wide variety of activities and events here at Merrimac.

Some of the highlights during February included staff versus residents during a game of pool, getting together for an afternoon of Scrabble, impromptu clowning, walks, physio group exercises, household chores, scrapbooking, and tuning a guitar?

This Month’s Activities

Happy Hour Every Friday – 2:00 pm
Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day – Arts and Crafts
Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day- Cooking and Cultural Lunch
Weekly Bus Tours
A range of sensory, physical, and mental wellbeing activities throughout the week.


1st Stan H.

2nd Margaret G.

4th Shirley N.

5th Rex Hayward-S

14th Barbara J.

14th Rosa B.

15th Olive D.

16th Wallace & Jack Mullard

17th Iris H.