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Merrimac Nursing Care Spring Activities to Promote Happiness


Oktoberfest was celebrated this year in Merrimac Nursing Care with great German food for lunch, beer-drinking, and lots of dancing, fun, and laughter. Our residents sure know how to make the most of life!

Dance Therapy and Exercise with 70’s Music

Combining dance therapy and exercise is one of the favorite activities that our residents love to engage in on a regular basis at Merrimac Park. We saw some great 70’s dance moves as our young at heart wiggled and moved to keep flexibility and promote mobility.

Merrimac Nursing Care Residents Engaged in Sports

There is always so much happening at Merrimac Nursing Care. Last month, our bunnies resident and staff supporters were out in full gear cheering on the Rabbitohs. The others preferred a more gentle game of Putt-Putt while some watched the Bledisloe Cup with mates.

Family Now Allowed to Visit Residents

Merrimac Park residents have been able to keep connected with their loved ones through video conferencing and phone calls throughout the last few months. Now, with the latest Covid19 health directives, our residents are enjoying some quality time with their families catching up face to face in the sunshine and fresh air.

Spring is in the Air at Merrimac Park!

With the weather warming up lately and the sunshine bringing a flourish of new life, blooms, and birds singing in the gardens, our residents have made the most of getting out and about. They enjoyed the balconies overlooking green pastures and following the garden trails.

Art and Craft Preparations for Melbourne Cup

As soon as the Oktoberfest finished, our residents were off to the races preparing for our Melbourne Cup Day with a hat and fascinator competition. Fashion masterpieces were created with some very elegant, interesting, and hilarious results – so watch this space next month for the winners!!

Individual Cultural Cooking – Indian Cuisine!

As a multicultural and inclusive facility, Merrimac Nursing Care promotes and encourages our residents to stay connected with their own culture and ethnicity. This is to help them continue doing some of the things they loved to do most – which often is cooking their favourite meals. So, we tried Indian potato and tomato curry last month.

This Month’s Activities

Melbourne Cup Day Special – 3rd
Just Jeff in Concert – 6th
Resident’s Meeting – 10th
Remembrance Day Morning Tea and Service – 11th
Mark Dean in Concert – 13th
American Thanksgiving Lunch – 19th
Food Focus Meeting – 24th
Trevor Rix in Concert – 25th


5th Rudi W and Helmut H
8th Evonne J and Peggy W
14th Ellie I
28th Taeko S