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Merrimac Nursing Home Celebrates Festa Della Repubblica

Festa Della Repubblica

To celebrate the Festa Della Repubblica Italians National Day, the Ritz building nursing home residents cooked our favorite Italian dish – Pizza. Each resident made their own pizza and a few spared to share with the staff of Merrimac nursing home.

That’s Creative

Last month, Merrimac Park Private Care have been very creative with painting and colouring activities, making necklaces and life boards, and designing Terrariums extraordinary lives.

Fun Socialization

Merrimac nursing home residents spent time with others and had joyful chat with their family over face time to heal the soul and ease the mind.

Staying Active

Regular exercises and physical activities help keep our residents’ endocrines flowing, ease some pain, and encourage some healthy competition.

Merrimac Park Private care conducts regular exercise programs from physio-based to dance exercises. We also have regular physical games of Putt-putt, Gold, indoor bowls, and skittles.

Teddy Bear Hunt

Merrimac Park nursing home encouraged regular walks around the facility. With beautiful grounds to explore, residents came across some lovely people and some fury friends.

This month also, Raffles left us a teddy bear hunt to see and we came across some lovely animals along the way.

This Month’s Activities

NAIDOC Week – 6th
Resident’s Meeting – 14th
Disneyland Day – 17th


1st Jean.W
12th Beryl.G
20th Cecil.C
21st Gaye.H
21st Hanna.L
29th Josephine.Q
31st Maureen.R