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Fun August for Merrimac Park Aged Care Residents

Entertainment and Culture

Merrimac Park Aged Care loves to celebrate culture and a variety of events. Last month, for International Beer Day, residents shared fun stories and related word game challenges.

We also celebrated Italian Day where residents dined on a traditional Italian lunch while enjoying Dean Martin music and vino! It was a relaxing, happy, and vibrant time. They were also treated to a wonderful outdoor concert by the ever-popular  “Just Jeff” who kept us toe-tapping and singing along to some favorite songs including Neil Diamond, electric guitar, and golden oldies.

Art and Craft Adventures

Art and craft activities always help reduce stress and are great for cognitive skills. Hence, we always want to explore how our residents want to use their creativity by supporting and encouraging such activities. It can mean that we often have quite a few projects on the go at any one time.

Last month, we finished one of the Great Barrier Reef murals. We also made our own Italian place-mats for Italian day, worked on the wool-craft pom pom landscape mural, and created a new board game Beetle as well as Spanish banners for our upcoming Spanish day this September.

The knitting group started working on an eye-catching modern art quilt.

Lastly, residents have been assisted in making their own Life Story boards. There’s always something for everyone at Merrimac Park Aged Care!

Let’s Get Physically Fit!

Residents have been innovative and flexible for the suggestions for implementing and embracing new activities in our program.

We have a variety of both floor and table games suited to all levels of mobility and cognition, including table tennis and badminton.

Bocce on The Green served with morning tea in the fresh air and sunshine was so much loved.

A daily pre-breakfast gentle seated exercise program has also commenced (for the early risers) in conjunction with our physio exercise program.

With the weather stepping into spring, relaxed garden, and sensory walks taking in the lovely scenery, scents of flora and sounds of birds singing continues to be a favourite thing to do.

Connecting Together

Keeping residents connected is very important and a vital part of Merrimac Park Aged Care life. Hence, we enable our residents to keep in touch with their loved ones through our Zoom and Facetime video calls.

We also have the intergenerational program bringing the young and old together through letter writing. Catching up with friends during their morning garden walks is always a pleasure as is celebrating each other’s birthdays.

Sensory Fun

Cooking and gardening are two activities that ignite all the senses and bring a lot of therapeutic pleasure. Music brings back fond memories and residents are always encouraged to continue their passions and talents.

This Month’s Activities

Father’s Day Happy Hour – 4th
Resident’s Meeting – 8th
Spanish Day Lunch – 10th
Spanish National Day Happy Hour – 11th
Pianist Kerry Swan in Concert – 16th
Food Focus Meeting –22nd
Police Band Bagpipes in the Pavilion – 23rd
Christ Harvey in Concert –25th


9th – Ailsa. A.
14th – Ron. H.
14th – Barbara. V.
16th – Maureen. R.
18th – Peter. O
21st – Clarice Joan. M.
23rd – Jenny. Q.