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Merrimac Park Melbourne Cup and Remembrance Day

Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup 2021 came and went so fast this year. As part of this month’s Merrimac Park Events, staff and residents once again entered the sweeps with quite a few happy winners in the $1,$2, $5, and $10 sweeps.

After the race that stops the nation was won, it was then time to announce this year’s best-dressed resident. We also popped open the bubbly and beers to wash down prawns and other delectables supplied by our team in the kitchen.

Remembrance Day

The Remembrance Day commemorative ceremony was held inside again this year but was a little different from that of previous years. We had Wendy (Lifestyle) playing on the piano while everyone seated throughout the hymn and post service.

SuperiorCare’s CEO, Russell Egan was invited to take part this year accepting the reading of the commemorative speech. Even though the speech is quite long, it helped us all remember why we were all together.

Our Centre Manager, Claire, once again played an important role alongside Kylie (AIN), Jeff and Peter. Jeff and Peter both added their personal touch to The Ode and the laying of the Wreaths. Thanks to ALL – WE WILL REMEMBER YOU!

Merrimac Park Events: Market Day

Merrimac Park Market Day has been our major fundraiser every year. This year, the third one has been again a huge success.

Residents worked throughout the year preparing bottle lights and garden pots which were all sold along with generously donated items. Our local pharmacy was also invited to share our day, setting up a couple of tables for staff and residents to purchase at a discount.

Merrimac Entertainers

Oh, you bet, music and dance continued to be top of the agenda in most Merrimac Park Events.

Residents get to explore their musical creativity during a session with Sound Synergy as well as a few songs between drinks at happy hour.

Bus Outings

Last November, we have managed to dodge a few raindrops and found ourselves having lunch at Cabbage Tree Point, Santa Barbara and Jacob’s Well.

Always a great day out!

Around the Grounds of Merrimac

From animal/bird spotting and beyond, we tried to cover most things inside our own grounds. 🙂

Upcoming Activities:

Happy Hour every Friday

Mr. Robbins turns 103 – 10th, 2pm

Resident’s Christmas Party – 15th, 12pm

Carols by Candlelight @ Raffles – 24th, 11am

Carols by Candlelight @ Ritz – 24th, 2pm


5th Maria W.
8th Mark F.
10th Chris R.
15th William F.
17th Jenny T.
21st Tina Z.
26th Lorraine M.