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Merrimac Park February Newsletter

The month of January was filled with various activities for the Merrimac aged care residents such as a range of concerts, cooking activities as well as a visit from the Tiny Tots Kindergarten.


Merrimac kicked off this month with a Thursday afternoon concert from Irma’s Courtney.

Throughout the month residents also enjoyed two Friday happy hour concerts from the Sun Dancers and an Australia Day concert from Just Jeff.

Merrimac finished the month off with a morning concert from Trevor Rix.


Ritz tried out some truffle balls and used red fondant to make little hearts on the tops to make them a little more colourful.

Our residents at Raffles made a delicious upside down cake. Then, during happy hour on Australia Day, they made classic Australian lamingtons for every to enjoy.

Tiny Tots

Our regular visits from the Tiny Tots Kindergarten are making a great impression on our residents with their kind and energetic personalities.

Crafts at Ritz

Our Ritz residents have been making flowers for Valentine’s Day and enjoying the simple but yet very relaxing colouring sessions.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are an important time to celebrate with family and friends together. Our residents love celebrating this time with their loved ones by enjoying a cup of tea and a lovely piece of birthday cake, which is made by our chefs to show how much we care about each resident.

This month the managers showed their staff how important they are by making an excellent breakfast so they can start their day off right, and a delicious pizza dinner for the staff who started later.

Merrimac had the pleasure of hearing a bagpipes performance from a visiting family member who came in to play for his mother. He then joined us and played a little more during bowls.

Meet Our People

Meet Ellie, who was born and raised in Griffith, NSW along with her four brothers and sisters. Ellie’s father was an engineer, and the first president of the Yoogali Club and her mother worked in the hospital.

Ellie moved to Sydney when she was 18 to work for P&O as a receptionist. Later on, she worked on the ships around the South Pacific as a purser.

She moved back to Griffith, got married and had three beautiful children; Joshua, Yasmine and Jeremiah. Ellie and her family settled in Nowra where she started up a clothing store and later expanded into jewellery.

Ellie remarried and to her husband Graham they had a daughter, Mahalia. She moved around a lot with her family because of Grahams work, where she had the opportunity to see many beautiful places in Australia and spent time in Saudi Arabia. During this time, they visited Greece, Jordan, Petra and Egypt.

Ellie has had many experiences and has a keen interest in beauty, fashion and travel. If you see Ellie around, have a chat with her she’d love to share her experiences and talk about fashion.

This Month’s Activities


Happy hour concert with the Scallywags

Morning Tea

Waitangi Day morning tea with a concert from Irma Courtney


Happy hour concert with Trevor Rix

Pamper Time

Pamper morning for Valentine’s Day


Happy hour concert with Mark Dean

Music Therapy

Sound Synergise


1st Rosemary
1st Don
7th Margery
8th Lorna
16th Jean
22nd Rob
24th Joy