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Merrimac Park Healthy Activities for Overall Wellness

Strudel Cooking with Michael

Merrimac Park healthy activities include cooking. Last month, Michael instructed everyone on how to cook strudels.

Time for Yoga Exercises

To make sure the residents are physically and mentally healthy, they had a chair yoga with Nikita.

Decorating for Oktoberfest and Halloween

With the upcoming busy months for Oktoberfest and Halloween, Merrimac Park activities last month also included arts and crafts. Residents decorated to get ready.

Games Inside Merrimac Park

Residents had so much fun with different games.

Happy Hour for Merrimac Park Healthy Activities

We celebrated Spring with an entertainer.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Happy hour Oktoberfest theme with Adi entertaining
  • Bus Trips
  • Harmony Hooves
  • Residents Meeting
  • Harmony Hooves
  • Food Focus Meeting
  • Happy hour, Halloween theme with David Luxmore entertaining


  • 4th Linda
  • 6th Perry
  • 7th Nola
  • 10th Thalia
  • 11th Kevin T.
  • 26th Mary K.
  • 28th John T.