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Merrimac Park Nursing Home

Merrimac Park Nursing Home Crafts, Wellness, and Fun

Garden Walks

Merrimac Park Nursing Home residents enjoyed nice casual strolls around the grounds.

Raffles Music and Arts

Raffles residents had fun with music and arts.

Crafts and Smiles

Ritz residents shared fun and smiles with their own crafts.

Cooking Fritters

Last month, residents experienced making and cooking Cheese Ham Fritters.

Merrimac Park Nursing Home Celebrations

We joyfully celebrated birthdays too and well, dressing up as cowboys.

Upcoming Activities at the Aged Care Facility

  • Art Adventures with Eli (Ritz) – 1st August, 10:30am
  • Christmas in July in August – 3rd August
  • Happy Hour with Adi – 4th August, 2pm
  • Kindy Kids (Ritz) – 3rd August, 10:30am
  • Old MacDonald’s Farm – 10th August, 10:30am (Ritz); 11am (Raffles)
  • David Luxmore in Raffles – 11th August, 2pm
  • Gareth on the Drums – 23rd August, 10:30

Upcoming Birthdays

  • 2nd – Daryl B.
  • 5th – Eric Q.
  • 17th – Brenda D.
  • 17th – Rosemary P.
  • 18th – Heather N.
  • 30th – Coral H.