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Merrimac Park Nursing Home Easter and Anzac Celebrations

Easter Activities

The month of April is traditionally one of our busiest months of the year in Merrimac Park Nursing Home. We kicked off the month with Easter celebration.

Residents at Ritz had a lot of fun making Easter hats and then wearing them during their happy hour. On the other hand, residents at Raffles topped off chocolate mousse cups with bunny mallows before getting together for their own ‘Vintage Easter’ happy hour. They had plenty to eat and drink and enjoyed a few dances here and there.

On Easter Sunday, residents were all gifted with eggs and a couple received bunnies.

Merrimac Park Nursing Home Honors Anzac Day

Leading up to Anzac Day, our art group at Ritz joined together to make beautiful tags and poppies. These were all worn with pride in the days leading up and during the main Anzac Day.

The Ritz cooks made some delicious Anzac cookies while a small but very qualified group at Raffles whipped up some Afghans which were shared during the afternoon on our Anzac Service day.

On that same afternoon, we replaced our traditional ‘happy hour’ and met up for drinks, nibbles with mates, and Just Jeff performing in the background.

Anzac Service Day

We all met in solidarity to once again thank and remember our fallen men and women and those who are serving our countries at the present. It was a time to reflect and embrace.

Anzac Day 2021 in Merrimac Park Nursing Home was serviced by residents and staff, each playing an important role to make the service meaningful. We thank you for taking part. Our service concluded with morning tea and a few games of 2up while listening to the music of yesteryear and piano played by Wendy.


When exercise and games become one.

We all like to try and mix things up a little. We disguised exercise as competitive fun games proving time and time again that the two interact really well. Everyone absolutely competed with modifications made to suit all abilities.

Innovate and Create

Some of the gentlemen of Raffles got together at various times during April. Encouraging innovation, they were given pegs and the bottoms of plastic bottles. They painted wooden clothes pegs and once dried, they created some plant holders by placing the pegs around the plastic bottoms.

They were also encouraged to refresh old items. Some will be used as Mother’s Day gifts and some for simple ‘thank you’ gifts.

Around our home.

From household chores, celebrating birthdays, or even trying to catch a rainbow, if you were to take a walk around Merrimac Park Nursing Home, you will see a variety of activities happening at any time of the day.

This Month’s Activities

Mother’s Day – 2:00 PM
Our Community – Resident Meetings GENPAL and the Footy Tippers Club
Merrimac Entertainers
Celebrating 103 years – (shh), it is a surprise.
Around our home in May.


1st Kevin M.

5th Ruth A.

5th Marie Y.

10th Richard M.

11th Judy Y.

12th Jacqueline P.

16th Vonnie C.

18th Win A.

19th Gary T.

22nd Gordana G.