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Merrimac Park October Newsletter

The month of September was filled with various activities for the Burleigh Heads aged care residents such as a visit from Found By The Hound, creative writing classes and an Indonesian cooking lesson as well as a Father’s Day morning tea.

Celebrating Father’s Day

We celebrated Father’s Day with all the Dad’s, Grand-Dad’s, Great Grand Dad’s and the father figures of Ritz and Raffles banding together for a bloke’s morning tea of pizza and beer while chatting, playing pool and darts.

Arts, Crafts and Creative Writing

Our creative writing group found it quite amusing while piecing together one-liners to create a fun story this month. Residents always enjoy art and craft during our Friday workshops while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Around Raffles

Every month a team of cooks get together to showcase cultural foods loved by our residents.

This month, Peter took us to Indonesia by showing residents how to prepare and cook Satay Chicken. He would have preferred to have made it using fresh ingredients, although, he mentioned that it would be very time-consuming.

Our residents also love to talk walks around the lush gardens, created by our resident gardeners.

Entertainers and Volunteers

Our residents had the pleasure of being entertained by the Lone Wolf, Trevor Rix, Irma Courtney and Just Jeff, all of which, provided us with relaxing and vibrant concerts.

Every month we have the pleasure of enjoying quality visits from Found By The Hound. Pet therapy makes such a huge difference to our residents by spending quality time with the beautiful dogs.

Meet our People

Introducing Agata ‘Tina’ Zammit.

Tina was born on the 21st of December 1924 in Alexandria, Egypt, and is the eldest of six children: two brothers and three sisters. Even though the language spoken at home was Italian, Egypt being a multicultural country at that time, Tina also spoke French, and also could understand Greek and Arabic.

At school, Tina enjoyed athletics, although she was small in stature she won several medals for her running ability.

In her teens, Tina met a handsome man named Albert Zammit, who became her husband, and married for fifty-five years.

After WW2 and deciding to start a new life, they immigrated to Australia. With their three-year-old daughter Ines, they left their homeland to start a new adventure. Setting sail, landing in Melbourne in 1950, they had nothing except their clothing and a few personal possessions. To get ahead, Tina took to work so they could buy a house and expand their family.

Tina overcame the language barrier and learned to speak English. Within a few years, they achieved their goals and welcomed their second daughter into the world, Jenny.

During Tina’s working life, she owned a bulk food business, which she ran for several years, and helped her children establish and run their restaurants where she was the cook extraordinaire. She learnt her cooking skills from her mother because there was always mouth-watering foods in the Zammit household. She also loved to entertain and threw many dinner parties for her friends and family.

After retirement, in the early 1980s, Tina and Albert moved to Gold coast, Queensland, where they settled into slower-paced life and started travelling. Tina has visited many countries and returned to her homeland to visit family but has always called Australia home.

Being a very social person, she embraced the social clubs, The Italian Club, Greek and Multicultural Club. Tina loves playing cards, bingo and her hobbies are cooking and sewing.

Tina has two daughters, four grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Even at the extraordinary age of 94, Tina is still enjoying life.

This Month’s Activities

Melody Majors Choir

This volunteer choir group once again wows the residents with their beautiful voices and interactive concert.


It’s time for our popular Sundancers with their boot scootin performances and lightning-fast costume changes.

Irma Courtney

Come and enjoy the sultry, soulful and mellow tones of Irma.

Mark Dean Concert

Mark Dean is always popular and our residents love to get up and dance when he performs.


Getting spooked during morning tea with entertainment provided by the Lone Wolf 🙂


1st Peter
6th Lily
7th Nola
11th Kevin
13th Patricia
17th Roger
18th Norma
20th John
28th Peter
28th John
29th Patrick