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Merrimac Park Private Care therapies

Merrimac Park Private Care Therapies and Wellness Activities

Enjoying Pet Therapy

Merrimac Park Private Care residents received visitors from Old McDonalds Animal Farm for a pet therapy.

Italian Celebrations

Residents gathered for an Italian-themed Happy Hour.

Art Adventures

The Art Therapy last month with Eli focused on identity. Look at what our residents made.

Arts and Crafts

Merrimac Park Private Care residents gathered together to enjoy crafting and arts with bits and bobs.

Games and Fitness

As part of encouraging our residents to socialize and move, games and fitness activities are never missed every month.

Upcoming Activities at the Aged Care Facility

  • Happy Hour World Chocolate Day with Adi at Ritz – 7th July, 2pm
  • Art Adventures with Eli at Ritz – 4th July, 10:30am
  • 4 Paws on the floor at Ritz and Raffles – 11th July, 10:30am
  • Kindys Kid at Ritz – 13th July, 10:30pm
  • With Just Jeff in Ritz and Gina in Raffles for Bastille Day – 14th July, 2pm
  • Dress up as a cowboy – 24th July
  • With David Luxmore at Ritz & Just Jeff at Raffles – 28th July, 2pm

Upcoming Birthdays

  • 1st – Jean W.
  • 14th – John X.
  • 16th – Sophia R.
  • 21st – Gabrielle H.
  • 21st – Hanna L.
  • 30th – Phillip S.
  • 31st – Patrick S.