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Merrimac Park Residential Aged Care Fun August Events


Merrimac Park Residential Aged Care residents from Raffles continued their own version of the 2020 Olympics right through to the end of the Paralympic Games.

A few of the games played by the competitors required assistance from the photographer. This is why, unfortunately, some photos are unavailable but did manage to take a couple.

Cultural Dining Experience

Last August, residents facility-wide ate lunch in Serbia.

Cooking Sessions Inside Merrimac Park Residential Aged Care

At the request of one, residents at Ritz got together to make a really tasty Ratatouille. Cleaning up has always been the best bit.

While over at Raffles, our small group acknowledgesd India Independence Day by trying their skills to make Matar Paneer.

Arts and Crafts

Residents across Merrimac Park Residential Aged Care seem to really enjoy tapping into their creative side.

Whether it be individual adult coloring, decorating old items, or why not combine two activities into one paint and pizza happy hour, they always had a lot of fun.

Celebrating Birthdays

At Merrimac, birthdays are celebrated in many ways, including families preparing for their loved ones. They get to prepare a surprise birthday for them when they come to visit.

Happy Hour and Grandparent’s Day – Every Day!

Our musical residents are encouraged to play whenever they can.

Every Friday is Happy Hour at Merrimac Park Residential Aged Care where we get to celebrate everything from music, dance, and food to farewells.

There was no shortage of babysitters in August. The smiles just melt your heart.

Out and About Around Merrimac Park Residential Aged Care

During our daily walks, we always meet up with someone or something along the way. And on our bus outings, we also get to meet a few locals here and there.

More Around our Home

On any given day, partners will date and friends will get together. Housekeeping jobs seem to always look like a fun thing to do when residents are doing them!

This Month’s Activities

Father’s Day
Cultural Dining Experience and Residents Cooking.
Music and Exercise
Around our home in September


3rd Fritz P.
9th Ailsa A.
14th Barbara V.
14th Ron Harvey
15th Maureen J.
21st Clarice (Joan) M.
22nd Jenny Q.
25th Patricia C.
25th Roger B.
30th Carol R