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Merrimac Park Residents Enjoy the Month of May!

Let’s get cooking!

Last month, the aroma of cinnamon filled the Ritz building. For national apple pie day, some of the Merrimac Park residents used their cooking skills and the others came to learn more and made some delicious mini apple pies. Raffles came together to create a heartier dish and made a healthy vegetable soup.

Mother’s Day Morning Tea

“But behind all your stories is your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins.” -Mitch Albom

Merrimac Park Private Care put together a morning tea for all our lovely ladies since they are also mothers or have been a mother-like figure to someone throughout their extraordinary lives.

Keeping Fit

Merrimac Park Private Care residents kept physically active by either doing physical activities such as table bobs, skittles, or putt-putt golf exercise classes. Of course, they also performed walks around the grounds.

Enjoying the Weather

Raffles enjoyed the Autumn weather with lunch outside while Ritz enjoyed morning tea and a happy hour outside on their balcony.

How Crafty

Last month, our residents in Ritz got back into their ocean mural project and started to make life boards. Over in Raffles, the men continued making shelves compromising with the available tools – glue and sticky tape. It is a little different from what they used to build back then where they used nails and hammer.

This Month’s Activities

Festa Della repubblica – Cooking Pizza – 2nd, 10.00 am
World Ocean Day – Crafts – 8th, 10.00 am


7th Nell B.
14th Angela K.
14th Peter M.
24th Olympia G.
28th Thomas G.