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Merrimac Park Superior Care Fun-filled July Events

Floor Games

Merrimac Park Superior Care provided indoor physical activities like bowling, putt-putt golf, and skittle. These activities benefited everyone, from practicing essential cognitive skills, maintaining movement, and having fun that helps reduce stress through laughter.

Disneyland Day

Last month, Merrimac Park Superior Care celebrated Disneyland Day by dressing up as Disney characters. Residents laughed, sung, and reminisced the days of their youth.

Bastille Day

Raffles celebrated the French National Holiday with morning tea and creme puffs, croissants, and mini quiche plus a combined lunch.

Cognitive Activities

We made sure to keep our residents’ mind active and helped them exercise their hand-eye coordination with activities like bingo and knitting.

Ritz has started a knitting club and the ladies are loving coming together and enjoying a common skill.

Knitting helps with dexterity in the hands and stress relief. Every Wednesday Merrimac park holds three different pace games of bingo to encourage a healthy competition and get the chance to win a prize or two.


Our Gold Coast Aged Care residents pampered themselves with foot spa and nail care while enjoying a sing-along with their favourite tunes.

World Chocolate Day

Raffles celebrated World Chocolate Day through a chocolate jar guessing game. Congratulations to Michelle – our winner! Raffles also made chocolate crackles to make the most out of the event.

Meet Our People

Percy Gadd

Percy’s father was a seaman and during one of his trips to Australia, he loved it so much so he relocated his family from England.

Percy was born on the 13th of August 1928 in Australia. He came from a family of twelve, eight girls and four boys. Percy’s first twenty years of life were spent in Redfern. He used his spare time singing and playing Rugby League.

At the age of 33, Percy married Valerie Pope and they had two boys, Allan and Danny. Percy worked as a truck driver during the day and sung with Reg Miller’s big band on the 2UE radio station during his spare time.

Percy traveled around on the south Pacific islands to sing. Percy moved from Sydney Area to the Gold Coast in 2019 and has been spending his time bringing smiles to everyone’s face with his beautiful voice.


5th Eric Q.
6th Rhonda W.
13th Percy G.
22nd Engelina H.
22nd Zdenka R.
23rd Jennifer W.