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Waitangi Day, Valentine’s Day & New Performers

Musical performances galore

Merrimac Park started off the month with a new performer Carnaby Robert entertaining us with a relaxing performance of folk music. Just Jeff helped us celebrate two lovely residents’ birthdays at happy hour. And at the end of this month Merrimac Park enjoyed a performance by Trevor Rix and a new performer John Cornelius.

Waitangi Day celebrations

Ritz & Raffles celebrated Waitangi day with Pool and a special morning tea. Everyone enjoyed lolly cake and some L & P soft drink.

As part of the celebrations Raffles also did some New Zealand themed Crafts.

To conclude the day we had a visit from the Found by the hound Pet Therapy program. It’s always a lovely treat for the month, bringing smiles to all the residents.

Valentine’s Day

Love was in the air at our Merrimac Aged Care facility. As part of the weekly arts and crafts and in preparation for the day our residents created some stunning Valentine’s decorations.

Later in the week they enjoyed a Valentine’s themed happy hour with a lucky door prize. Congratulations to our lucky winners Tina, Angela, Kevin, Patrick K, Percy, Elaine, Maria, Patrick S and Margaret.

Cooking up a storm

Ritz cooked up a storm for Shrove Tuesday and made some delicious Pancakes. Raffles in their usual fashion whipped up gluten free savoury pancakes to cater for dietary restrictions.

This Month’s Activities

The Lone Wolf happy hour concert – 6th, 2.00 pm
Residents meeting – 10th, 10.30 am
Cooking Soda bread and potato candy – 17th, 10.00 am
Irma Courtney concert – 18th, 10.30 am


2nd Margaret G,
4th Shirley N
14th Rosina B
15th Olive D
16th Wallace M
16th Jack M
16th Elaine M
17th Iris H