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Easter, Crafts, and Anzac Activities at Wellington Park Aged Care Facility

Ladies vs. Men Challenge

This activity inside Wellington Park Aged Care Facility is always a great laugh. Male and female residents compete against each other in different challenges. The ladies walked away with the highest points on the leader board with a total of 48 points, only 1 point difference from the gentlemen’s score.

One of the male residents said, “we will see you next month and gain the trophy back”. Another one said, “we just wanted to let you win that’s what being a true gentleman is all about”.

Morning Singalong

Residents have waited to see Alistair and Lyn while enjoying a pat from Lilly during the morning singalong. Everyone heard and sung the music with them. Residents laughed as the staff and singers joined in the chicken dance. We look forward to seeing Lyn, Alistair, and Lilly again soon.

Gardening at Wellington Park Aged Care Facility

Residents of Diamond have been taking part in the Woolworth gardening pods. They also helped in watching them grow and moving the plants from small pots to larger pots. We knew we had some green thumbs amongst us that enjoyed gardening as much as our lifestyle staff do.

Anzac Craft’s Day

Residents assisted with making paper poppy pictures ready for the Anzac Services held within the facility. As shown in the pictures, residents got busy painting over 5 each to decorate the room with beautiful poppies.

Easter Sunday in Wellington Park

What a delight it was to come to find a carton of Easter eggs sitting on a table in the activity room of Wellington Park Aged Care Facility. The residents of Stanford enjoyed them, they didn’t have to go on an Easter Egg hunt to locate them. We all thought it was fantastic to enjoy them after breakfast. We even had a special delivery from a family member who baked some Easter Bunny treats for us all to enjoy as well.

Easter Morning Tea

Residents enjoyed coming and enjoying a nice hot cup of tea or coffee and having a chat about all things Easter. We finished it off with finding out who won the Easter hampers

Anzac Service

Residents and staff gathered in the activity rooms to pay our respects to those residents of Wellington Park Aged Care Facility who served in different fields of employment for our beautiful country. They entered the room while we clapped in honour of the duties they had done for us all.

Then we paused for the minute of silence for those diggers that made the sacrifice for our country. We even lit a candle for each of our resident’s husbands or wives that served in the Air Force, Defence Force or Navy, we truly are blessed to be able to honour these amazing people.

Upcoming Birthdays

5th Stephanie. C
7th Patricia. L
17th Merle. B
18th Janice. M
20th Thomas. H
26th Bruce. D
27th Joyce. L