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September Fun with Wellington Park Aged Care Services

“Music Beats” Exercise

Music, Music, Music!!! We incorporated drumming into our afternoon exercise class. For the first time, the residents played plastic buckets to the rhythm of some well-known songs playing in the background. They enjoyed copying and when I said “drum” they all hit the plastic buckets in a beautiful rhythmic tone. We look forward to some more Music Beats in the coming months as part of the Wellington Park Aged Care services we offer.

Father’s Day Celebration Games

Residents came to sit in a big circle to play a game of floor ping pong. Lots of laughs and cheers were heard as the ping pong balls landed in the buckets.

This was a team game but the individual challenge was taking a chance at using a NERF Gun and aiming for the target. Nerf bullets went everywhere but the winner took the prize with a score of 110 points.

It was a battle between a male and a female resident. We agreed that next year, we should take the winner to the EKKA so we can win a giant teddy bear on the duck shooting game. A lot of laughs were shared.

“Hippie Hippie Shake” Disco Party

Wellington Park Aged Care residents dusted off their dancing shoes and donned on a splash of color to dance to the tunes of the 70’s disco music.

Some residents choose to sit back, watch, and play the music instruments to the beat of the sounds while other residents showed us there ABBA dance moves. Residents of Diamond that choose to not attend earlier in the morning had an extra disco treat after lunch.

Hippie Milkshake Day

Wellington Park Aged Care services could also mean staff and residents dressing to impress in their 70’s hippie attire.

Last month, the staff waited on the residents with a milkshake treat. All Stanford residents got to pick their favourite flavour to enjoy the morning activity.


Staff and Residents donned on German attire and came to enjoy an afternoon Happy Hour session. Some of the staff entertained the residents who enjoyed a beverage or two while watching.

World Gratitude Day

Wellington Point residents gathered to share a morning of inspiration and recognized World Gratitude Day. The residents were given a piece of paper to be able to write what they are grateful for. They were hanged in the activity room as a flower portrait for residents to be able to read the special words that they have shared.

Seated Chair Dancing and Yoga

Residents gathered and got physical to learn a variety of chair dances. They also learned and practiced some gentle chair yoga movements.

Come Dance with Me

This was asked at one of our residents’ meetings to be able to play some old-time dance songs and have the residents come and reminisce about the dances. Some of them used to love going to their local dance hall weekly to dance the night away.

Residents gathered in the activity room in a large circle awaiting the first dance. We had some old-time country dances which included The Pride of Erin, Gyspy Tap, and the Heel and Toe Polka.

Residents laughed and enjoyed the variety. The residents are looking forward to the next “come dance with me program” which is now part of our Wellington Park Aged Care services.

This Month’s Upcoming Activities

Brian Trainer – 1st October, 10.30am

International Day of Older Person Afternoon Tea – 1st October, 10.30am

Odd Sock Day – 2nd October, 10.30am

Hippie Hippie Shake Disco Party – 11th September, 10.30am

Morning Garden Tea Party – 7th October, 10.00am

Chi Kung Exercises – 7th October, 10.40am

Pink Ribbon Day Morning Tea – 21st October, 10.o0am

Pink Ribbon Day – 21st October, 10.30am

Halloween Party – 30th October, 10.30am

Upcoming Birthdays

8th Patricia. H
11th Edith. D
13th Ronald. G
21st John. A
21st Nobuko. M
25th Gladys. A
25th Evelyn. S
26th Catherine. O