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Wellington Park April Newsletter

Last month our  Redland City aged care residents were very busy with lots of events such as St. Patrick’s Day, Harmony Day and Ballroom dancing as well as a very very special birthday.

Musical Memoires

Musical Memories was a fully jam-packed morning with lovely costumes and favourite songs to sing along to. The residents also enjoyed the beautiful sounds of the accordion as well as a reading of Australian poetry.

Some interesting songs were ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ and ‘Second Hand Rose.’

As the saying goes ‘a picture paints a thousand words.’ The morning ended with all the cast mingling with the residents.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour was a combination of good cheer and great company, enjoyed by all who attended. Some relaxed with a nice cold beer while others preferred a nice punch.

The residents sang along in fine tune to their old favourite Slim Dusty classics.

St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day was a lot of fun with residents telling Irish jokes, joining in a couple of sing-a-longs and a concert from Jim Bibby.

The food was coloured green with yummy green cream cakes, green drinks and shamrock shakes.

Joke: what happened when the Irish man fell in the sea?

Answer: He got wet

Harmony Day

Harmony day is celebrated on the 21st of March each year; it is a special day of cultural significance to many as it is a day to celebrate our culturally diverse society.

A morning tea was held in Diamond to recognise the differences between us as friends. We discussed what makes us different to each other such as culture, where we were born, the colour of our hair and our traditions.

We learnt that some of us were born in Australia, England, South Africa and Croatia as well as the heritage of our ancestors.

It was a great morning of discussion and reminiscence, as well as learning more about our friends.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing went off with the whirl of a skirt!

The dancers looked beautiful as they took to the dance floor and the residents watched in awe while enjoying the many different types of dances.

The beautiful dancers took us on a journey, with all the different songs mentioning birds. Preceding each song, there was a call of the particular bird mentioned in the song. Everyone loved to hear the bird calls.

Mildred’s 100th Birthday Celebration

The 100th birthday celebration for Mildred was attended by 18 fellow residents, three volunteers and three family members. There was plenty of food and drink, a beautiful cake decorated in pink and white, hot savoury finger food and mini sweet treats made to resemble cappuccinos, which are Mildred’s favourite.

Carmel was here for the morning to sing for Mildred.

There were flowers to appreciate and gifts to open, and it would not be a party without LOLLY BAGS, so we had those as well.

What a beautiful morning it was! Mildred was happy, and Wellington Park was honoured to be able to host her birthday celebration.

Alistair and Lyn Sing-A-Long

Alistair and Lynn entertained us once again with their fine voices and stories plus it was a special celebration as it was Lily, our companion dog’s birthday.

Lily comes along to the concerts and is our much-loved companion dog. Today Lily came dressed in her party hat and received lots of pats as she roamed amongst the residents during the show.

Meet Our People

Meet Lex, who was born in Warwick, and then moved with his family to Charleville where he lived for 62 years.

As a boy living in the country, he spent most of his time fishing and setting rabbit traps. Every Saturday Lex and his friends would set the traps and collect the rabbits on Sunday. Lex would hand them over to his mother who would cook them up for the family to eat for dinner.

Lex stopped catching rabbits due to the disease, Myxomatosis, which was introduced into Australia in 1950 in an attempt to control the rabbit population.

At the age of sixteen, Lex and his mate were off to the movies where they met a couple of girls, as the evening ended, Lex kissed his girl goodnight. It was true love as that kiss led to a happy, loving and lasting life together with their three children.

Lex completed a mechanic apprenticeship, which took five years by correspondence, and he continued in this field for most of his working life. He later became a foreman at Warrego Motors for two years, and then leased a Golden Fleece Service station where he continued to work as a mechanic and his wife would serve the petrol.

Lex and his wife moved to Hervey Bay where they spent their retirement.

When I asked Lex if he ever went whale watching while he lived at Hervey Bay, he told me that his neighbour worked on a whaleboat and would often sneak him and his wife on the boat for the day.

After the passing of Lex’s beloved wife, he moved into a Granny flat at his daughter’s home and now resides at Wellington Park.

This Month’s Activities

Bingo in Diamond

Residents will enjoy a fun activity.

Blue Notes Jazz Quartet

Blue Notes are back to delight our residents with their music.


First timers at WPPC will entertain with their ukulele skills.

Carpet Bowls

Residents will play in teams against each other.

Easter Morning Tea

Today the festivities will be about Easter.

Anzac Day Morning Tea

Residents will come together to commemorate a significant day in our history.


6th Margaret
10th Ursula
12th Katica
12th Desmond
25th Geraldine