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Wellington Park Christmas Activities for 2021

Christmas Portrait Photographs

A yearly part of Wellington Park Christmas Activities includes taking portraits. Residents of Wentworth and Stanford came along to the activity room for their yearly photoshoot. Some residents wanted to enjoy some tinsel and a Santa hat ready to smile for the photo. Christmas carols played in the background bringing that extra bit of festivity cheer.

Christmas Tree Decorating

It was an amazing morning spent with the residents decorating the trees and getting into the spirit of Christmas. They were very creative and did a great job decorating and working together as a team. They absolutely loved the activity and were very proud of what they created. We’re excited to be a part of creating the festive wonderland within Wentworth and Stanford buildings.

Elvis is in the House

Residents were lucky enough to be entertained by Elvis. This memorable event was generously organized by one of the families.

The residents had a ball and you could see their feet tapping while the music was playing. The photos certainly tell you the story with the residents being included in the concert.

Top Notes Concert in Stanford

Residents from Stanford enjoyed rocking to Christmas songs being performed by Top Notes. It was lovely to see the residents sing along with the Christmas carols and the smiles on their faces just showed how much they enjoyed the concert.

More Concert for Wellington Park’s Christmas Activities

Dancing shoes came back and some of the residents got up for a dance with the lifestyle team during this concert. They just loved how the entertainers engaged them in the performance and made them feel part of the show. A great way to start Lifestyle Christmas lunch day.

Flower Arrangements for New Year’s Eve Party

We were very fortunate to have received some beautiful flowers as donations. The residents made beautiful flower arrangements for the tables on new year’s eve party held in Wentworth and Stanford. We are grateful for every gift during our yearly Wellington Park Christmas Activities.

Lifestyle Christmas Party

Both Wentworth and Stanford put on a special afternoon for residents with the help of some little helpers. Residents enjoyed entertainment with the drink trolley coming around, a lovely lunch provided by the kitchen staff, special gifts from lifestyle, and help from all the staff.

It was such a great day and the residents certainly enjoyed every Wellington Park Christmas Activities. They wore their biggest smiles and commented that they had a fabulous day and wonderful gifts.

Team Challenge at Stanford

Stanford residents enjoyed getting together and taking part in the team challenge once again. The games consisted of Quoits and Bean Bag Toss. The residents have achieved many goals with quoits and are now playing at a high standard. They love how much they have improved.

We introduced a new way of playing bean bag toss and it was a bit more challenging for the residents but they loved the challenge and did extremely well.

Birthdays in January

Ellen S. 1st
Joan C. 1st
Deirdre T. 14th
Desmond M. 20th
Allan P. 24th
Mary D. 25th
Keith M. 28th
June C. 31st