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Wellington Park June Newsletter

Last month our Redland City aged care residents were very busy with lots of events such as artistic drawing and an African drumming experience as well as Mother’s Day celebrations.

Mother’s Day Craft in Stanford

Redland City aged care residents gathered today to get a bit crafty and create their own bookmarks.

First, they chose their colour of cardboard, and then it was time to let their imagination run wild! From native birds to kittens and palm trees, they sorted through piles of fun pictures and stickers to decorate their bookmarks and add their own personal touch. Some made 1; some made 2 or 3!

A fun social morning with encouragement to get creative!

Sit & Be Fit

Welcome to our Wentworth Sit And Be Fit!

This month was our first Sit and Be Fit exercise program, and the attendance was fantastic. The program started with a little warm-up of leg and arm movements. Then, the program progressed to the use of fun props such as pool noodles and beach balls, used in a fun and entertaining manner.

Residents wore fun summer hats and Mexican hats during the seated Mexican dance. The Mexican cheer lifted the roof each time the hats were passed to the left. We will have to wait in anticipation for next month to see what crazy antics we can get up to.

Mother’s Day Morning Tea

Today was all about honouring Mothers and celebrating their strength, wisdom and unconditional love.

The table cloths were pink and purple with draped gold and magenta runners and topped off with beautiful crochet pieces. There were fresh flowers, fruit platters and decadent layers of mouth-watering high tea goodies.

It was a lovely morning with amazing company, delicious food, great conversations, laughter and full tummy’s.

Everyone is encouraged to join in, either by singing or clapping along. Although jazz tunes can be a little tricky to clap along to, practice makes perfect. What a great morning.

Artistic Drawing

Our Wentworth artistic drawing was a huge success. Residents came together in an attempt to achieve some still life drawings.

Our Redland City aged care residents could choose from several pieces such as teapots, fancy teacups and saucers, plants in pots and cake stands. Most residents were novices however their drawing talents shone through with some outstanding efforts.

The residents then showed their skills and patience in adult kaleidoscope art, where they chose different coloured pencils and coloured in some familiar shapes. These will then be cut out and made into a showpiece collage and displayed on the wall for all to admire.

Making Trifle

Redland City aged care residents of Stanford came together to create their own trifle and eat it too, of course! Picture a table filled with jelly, cake, custard, cream, fruit pieces and strawberry topping topped off with smashed malteasers. Everyone had their own way of making their dessert.

Friendly chatter filled the room during the creating stage, but once the topping went on, dessert spoons were in hand, and big grins from ear to ear replaced the chatter.

What an indulgent morning!

African Drumming Experience

Down in Wentworth, we had the honour in welcoming the talented Joseph and his African drums. This was the first time our residents not only got to experience African drumming in our home but also had the opportunity to play some genuine African drums.

There were authentic singing and dancing performed by both residents and staff. Plus, the staff got right into the spirit and dressed up in unique African costumes. The atmosphere was terrific with Joseph’s happy laughter and charisma resonating throughout the room.

Overall the morning was a joy and became the hot topic of the day with residents continuing to discuss their experience into the later afternoon.

Morning Drinks and Music.

Our residents had a fantastic morning of happy hour accompanied by the beautiful Patty Eyers. Patty played her guitar while singing along to some beautiful tunes.

Bubbles were popping and singing voices where warm.

Everyone had a delightful morning.

Artists Shine

Today residents came together for creative expression. Each person chose either a piece by Amedeo Modigliani or Franz Marc and discussed their work.

Then it was time to get creative! Some artists chose to re-create the original painting, and others decided to create their own version. With paintbrushes in hand and friendly chatter all round, it was a unanimous decision that art therapy is truly a wonderful experience.

This Month’s Activities

Wentworth Brain Trainer Demo

Improving quality of life.

Stanford Ten Pin Bowling

Residents trying their skills.

Stanford Walking Group

Getting muscles and limbs warmed up in this cooler weather.

Stanford Musical Memories

The talents of some local singers to join our morning of singing.

Ballroom Dancers

Glenys & Bryan showcasing their talents.

State of Origin Party

Mate verse Mate, State verse State.

Stanford Welcomes Winter

Morning tea to welcome in the winter months.

Memory Lane with Bill and Dawn

Country singer that will get you toe tapping.


6th Patricia
8th Annette
18th Marlene
23th Owen