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Wellington Park November Newsletter

Last month our residents were very busy with lots of events such as Bocce bowls, seated ping pong and entertainment by a ventriloquist as well as a variety of Halloween activities.

Bocce Bowls

Our residents enjoy competitive indoor sports.

Bocce bowls are a massive hit with our aged care residents with either an afternoon or morning bowls game. Residents pair up and try to get their team colour ball landing as close to the kitty ball in the middle as possible.

The winning teams receive a chocolate treat, but everyone tries so hard to make sure they are on that winning team.

Residents Outing to the Art Gallery at Cleveland Library

Stanford Residents enjoyed a visit to The Art Gallery with a beautiful exhibition on the Wetlands. The residents who attended engaged in conversations of urbanisation, development and climate change while enjoying a delicious Morning Tea.

Seated Ping Pong

Playing ping pong seated in a chair is certainly a challenge with residents and staff taking turns trying to score points, and we know which residents/staff enjoy some table tennis in their spare time.

We decided to add a little extra challenge by bringing the spectators closer to the table and placing 10 plastic empty cups in the middle of the tables in order to see who’s ping pong ball would land in the cups. First, this involves working as a team and secondly, it involves getting the cups removed from the table one by one.

The residents of Wentworth laughed and cheered as the cups slowly moved off the table leaving only one cup left.

Club Challenge Round 6

Ladies v’s Men at a variety of different floor games

Residents filled the activity room of Wentworth awaiting their first activity challenge. The scores were very close as the room cheered and waited for game two results. The scores moved higher and higher having residents try and land a ping pong ball into a bucket sitting in the middle of the room. Some residents found it easier helping out the opposition team.

The final tally was added up and the winning team was the Ladies, who scored 60 points, with the Men trailing at a close 57 points.

The gentlemen have held onto the trophy for 4 straight months, and the ladies were more than happy to take the winning victory away.

The Ventriloquist

Stanford Residents enjoyed a visit from Eric the Ventriloquist. There were plenty of smiles and dancing all around the room from the residents, giving great feedback, stating that they enjoyed the puppet, songs, jokes and entertainment from this show.

Cleveland Skipping Club Demonstration

Residents enjoyed an afternoon watching the Cleveland Air Magic Skippers at both Wentworth and Stanford. Our Residents sat and watched 15 different talented skippers, ranging from 5 years to 17 years, showing off their acrobatic skills and skipping speed ability.

Residents really enjoyed this afternoon performance and hoped they will return in the future.

Rock ‘n’ Rolling

Deb Cox entertained us all with her great show. There were plenty of dancing, smiles and laughter present from residents and staff.

This event was a success and enjoyed by all. The residents gave great feedback – that it was an enjoyable event.

Trick or Treat?

All our residents enjoyed a Halloween Morning Tea with Trivia.

In the afternoon, the staff’s children came along and engaged with residents on a 1:1 basis. It was a lovely day filled with all things Halloween.

This Month’s Activities

Xmas shopping at Capalaba

Residents get to shop for family gifts for Christmas.

Redland Bay coin and Stamp club

Visiting members from the public come to share their love of collecting with us all.

Morning music with Alistair

Residents get to enjoy a morning sing-a-long while having some pet therapy with visiting golden retriever, Lily, during the morning music show.

Bush Pantry Morning Tea outing

Residents from WPPC are heading out to try another cafe in the Redlands.


4th Franciszek
17th Nola
18th Noreen
19th Hariata (Sally)
20th Brian
20th George
24th Jennifer