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Wellington Park Nursing Services Spoiled the Residents Last October!

Odd Sock Day

Residents and staff of Wellington Park Nursing Services donned on their fashionable odd sock and showed support for a good cause.

Brain Trainer

For three weeks, both Wentworth and Stanford were privileged to have a computer on loan to us, that enabled resident participation with the touch of a button.

There were quizzes, word games, memory games, and jigsaw puzzles. In the picture is Pauline who was able to push a button and listen to some of her favourite songs from a gone by era.

This is an older-person-friendly computer that you just touch with your finger and no mistakes or bungles with clicking the wrong thing. Our residents enjoyed this very much.

Morning Garden Tea Party

Wellington Park Nursing Services include residents spending beautiful mornings out in the courtyard to sip and drink tea or coffee and be with friends. The garden is quite a tranquil place and just right to chat and catch up with all the news.

Chi Kung Exercises

Residents enjoyed coming along to the Chi Kung class. One of the residents in the facility and a staff member conducted the class.

Sunflowers are Blooming!

Residents of Wentworth have been awaiting the arrival of the spring time flowers and it was great to see them bloom. It made us happy and we sang our favourite song “You Are My Sunshine” while residents enjoyed having their photo taken with the newly grown sunflowers.

Pink Ribbon Day Tea & Lunch

Residents of Wellington Park Nursing Services enjoyed a busy day with both Pink Ribbon Day morning tea followed by a BBQ lunch held out in the courtyard.

Halloween Party

What’s that hiding beside the fish tank? Is it a clown? No, it’s Casper the ghost!

The residents enjoyed seeing the decorations around the facility and Halloween entertainment was provided by Cameron Smith in the undercover driveway area.

Upcoming Birthdays

12th Nola. S
17th Stanley.C
19th Hariata. M
20th George. D