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Olympics and Christmas at Wellington Park Residential Aged Care

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Banner and Torch Art

The residents from Stanford certainly showed off their creative side when it came to making the Olympic banners and torches. The colours were vibrant and have added a shine to the Activity Room which looked amazing. It was lovely to see the Wellington Park Residential Aged Care residents going for a walk in the afternoon to admire the artwork hanging in the activity room.

They all looked forward to the WPPC Olympic challenge where the residents from Stanford and Wentworth competed in activities such as Quoits, Bean Bag Toss and Basket Ball hop throw last Thursday 29th July.

Wellington Park Residential Aged Care Celebrated Ivy Honeywell’s 100th Birthday

On the 23rd July, we were very honoured to be able to celebrate Ivy’s 100th Birthday in the Stanford building. The residents were very humbled to be able to join her on this very special occasion in the Activity Room with some lovely food and amazing cake.

Ivy showed them her card received from Queen Elizabeth amongst others. It was a fun-filled afternoon with great company, lots of laughter, and wonderful food.

A very Happy 100th Birthday Ivy!

Christmas in July

Christmas in July was held in both Wentworth and Stanford. Tables were decorated with reindeer cups that the residents made filled with special treats, tinsel, and other Christmas decorations.

Residents enjoyed a lovely meal with turkey, roast vegetables, and a special dessert. Christmas Crackers pulled with fun and laughter around the lunch tables brought a festive feel to the afternoon inside Wellington Park Residential Aged Care.

Creative Art in Wentworth

The residents of Wentworth were very colourful with their creative sides when it came to decorating the rainbow art and making dream catchers. They’re such a talented group expressing themselves through art!

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