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Wellington Park September Newsletter

Last month our Alexandra Hills aged care residents were very busy with lots of events such as a performance with traditional Chinese dancers, Ekka Day, Daffodil day morning tea as well as Father’s celebrations.

Ormiston Pipes and Drums

When the bagpipes and drums join together means nothing but music music music!!!

Residents came in a convoy of wheelie walkers and regency chairs to get prime seating for the morning of the pipes and drums. The Ormiston heritage pipe and drum performers looked absolutely amazing in all their Scottish attire. They entreated residents with songs they could all singalong too.

Our neighbour’s dogs must have enjoyed the sweet sounds of the bagpipes and drums because they didn’t howl, not even once.

Traditional Chinese Dancers

The residents came to watch some traditional Chinese dancers with beautiful costumes and instrumental music. The dancers performed a variety of traditional dances while sharing their culture with all the residents.

All our residents had a lovely morning watching this unique style of dance and costumes changes in Stanford.

We all look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Eden Farm Walk

Stanford residents enjoyed the brisk winter morning fresh air to visit the animals at Eden Farm. Residents fed the animals with carrots with plenty of smiles visible.

Pre Ekka Cup Cake Decorating

Our residents put on their baking hats as they decorated a cupcake each to put on display for Ekka Day.

Residents of both Wentworth and Stanford came along to the morning activity hoping to win a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place ribbon with their creation.

The activity tables were set and packed with all the things that shined and were fancy to eat.

Then, the Cupcakes were laid out and ready for their decorations with colourful butter icing and toppings that would make a cupcake to shine.

It was a lovely morning with a slight competitive streak in the residents.


When you hear the sound “Roll up Roll up” you know the Ekka is coming to town.

The morning started with a delicious serving of coffee and cake in the activity room of Wentworth.

A mini Hugh Jackman lookalike was going around dancing with fellow staff and volunteers to the songs of “The greatest showman.”

The residents enjoyed the morning of sideshow alley under the outdoor carport area with all things you could see at an Ekka. Showbags hung from wheelie walkers and prizes were seen from afar.

Stanford residents rode on the golf buggy to join in the morning event. Dagwood dogs and chips severed as the lunch meal, but for some of the residents, the smell of a sausage in bread was too good to pass up.

Daffodil Day Morning Tea

When we don on our yellow, eat a special morning tea and challenge each other at trivia.

Residents came in yellow to support Daffodil day and enjoyed a selection of cakes and biscuits.

Residents waited patiently for the trivia to start. They had a wealth of knowledge between them, and they were able to answer all the questions, from general knowledge to all things ending with “ISH.”

Father’s Day celebration

Sterle Buchannan came to celebrate Father’s day with an impressive performance with his Clarinet, Saxophone and Keyboard as well as a singalong for all the residents to join in.

All things Father’s day was the theme, and we decorated the room to match.

Our Wentworth residents enjoyed a variety of cakes and biscuits. Plus, the male residents were greeted with a very special gift, a stubby cooler, donated by the local Capalaba BCF store. The lifestyle staff thought the best thing for the stubby cooler was a Great Northern Beer.

The residents thought the entertainer was fantastic and stated they enjoyed his repertoire of music and hoped he would return to perform again.

It was a lovely morning had by all.

Introducing Darshan Naicker

Hello Everyone,

My name is Darshan (Dash), the New Lifestyle Co-ordinator for Stanford – Superior Care – Wellington Park. It’s an honour & privilege to work with and for you. I am looking forward to working with the great team at Superior Care. I have experience in aged care, retirement living and have skills in music, dance, exercises and individual and group activities. My background is in Psychology, Fitness & Lifestyle. I plan to bring a different slant on lifestyle services that will fit in well with the new standards in aged care and individualised care.

Yours Sincerely,
Lifestyle Co-ordinator at Stanford

This Month’s Activities

Community outing to Hoya Garden Centre

Morning community outing for coffee cake plus browsing around the vibrant spring plants.

‘R U OK Day’ morning concert with Matty Bateson

Morning entertainment singing with staff and residents encouraged to wear yellow.

A meal with the management program

A small group of residents are invited to participate in a private lunch setting with the management staff of WPPC both Wentworth and Stanford residents invited.

Bayside Car Club visit

A variety of old vintage cars will visit WPPC.

Morning exercises

Residents are encouraged to attend our music and moments classes.

Jolly Trolley

Staff & residents select their choice of lollies, chocs, chips, drinks and treats from the trolley.

Pirates Day morning tea

Debbie Hughes. Staff & residents are encouraged to dress up as Pirates and attend the festivities.


10th Tage
12th Andrew
15th Rosalind
17th Audrey
20th Anne
23rd Gina
27th Allan