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What August Looks Like Inside Wellington Point Nursing Home

Pamper My Feet

Residents of Wellington Point Nursing Home gathered to enjoy and had their feet pampered.  The ladies looked forward to having a splash of nail polish applied to their toenails while the male residents enjoyed having their feet massaged with lotion.

Flower Arranging

Quite a few residents of the nursing care were proud to be able to do flower arranging even though they are not real. However, the thinking of what colours and what type of flowers to put together was half the fun. They enjoyed the company of others and the chance to bring out their creativeness.

Ekka Fun Morning Games

Wellington Point Nursing Home residents came ready to enjoy a morning of Ekka style games. Though the Exhibition was cancelled, it didn’t stop them from wanting to don on a fancy balloon artistry hat and enjoying the ice cream cone treats while trying their luck at our own sideshow alley games.

Crafting Activity

Our theme for this month was “Flowers”. During the activity, residents created designs conveying the message ‘Bloom where you are planted.’

Netflix Series the Crown

Residents of Wellington Point Nursing Home have been interested weekly about the Netflix series as residents at Stanford had started watching it. We wanted to join in the excitement and so every week, the residents gather into the activity room reminiscing about when the queen got married to Prince Phillip and how Elizabeth became the royal Queen.

Outdoor Lunch for Pearl Residents

On a beautiful winter morning, it was decided that lunch is better out in the fresh air. Pearl residents then enjoyed the fresh air and their delicious meal.

Daffodil Day and  Birthday Celebration

Residents came together with Yellow attires to enjoy an afternoon tea and a special birthday celebration inside Wellington Point Nursing Home. With the restrictions on, we were able to get the family on Skype to be able to share in the singing of Happy Birthday and cutting of the cake. It was such a beautiful moment!

Happy Hour

We successfully spend our official first happy hour. With gladness, some residents gathered for socialization and others enjoyed a drink. For some, it has been ‘ a long time between drinks.’

This Month’s Upcoming Activities

Music Beats Exercises – 2nd September, 2.30pm

Father’s Day Celebration Games – 4th September, 10.30am

Hippie Hippie Shake Disco Party – 11th September, 10.30am

Octoberfest – 18th September, 10.30am

World Gratitude Day – 21st September, 10.30am

Come Dance With Me – 25th September, 10.30am

Beer Pong Game – 25th September, 2.30pm

Upcoming Birthdays

10th  Kris.K
12th Andrew. B
15th Rosalind. R
25th Barbara. S
25th Margaret. B
25th Phyllis. D
27th Allan. L
28th Thelma. R