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wellington point nursing services

Wellington Point Nursing Services Father’s Day, Concerts, and Friendship Day!

Circle of Men Visit

The Circle of Men visits Wellington Point Nursing Services every Wednesday and they enjoy the conversations and laughter-filled presence of our male residents. We’re always filled with joy everytime they visit too!

Father’s Day and Concert

The male residents at Wellington Point Nursing Home were spoilt this month! We celebrated our pre-father’s day with a men’s luncheon. They received gifts as a form of gratitude for all they do and have done.

We also enjoyed entertainment from Jamie Fletcher – he sure is a crowd pleaser!

Art, Vinyl Records, Farm Visits, and Bracelets!

Wellington Point Nursing Services residents got creative last month. They delved into artistic painting in Stanford Pearl while Wentworth enjoyed Vinyl record singing and dancing.

They also visited the farm and made friendship bracelets for “Are u ok? Day”!

We’re always delighted and looking forward to seeing our residents’ imaginative ideas next time.

Baking Treats at Wellington Point Nursing Services

We baked delicious treats for Staff member’s and ourselves last month. Stanford ladies made lovely custard and fruit flans for our wonderful team and Wentworth prepared Mamma Miamazing pizza’s!

Maggi Moo and Oktoberfest

Our wonderful Stanford residents received a visit From Maggi moo and their lovely families. They never fail to bring bright smiles, laughter, and joy to Wellington Point Nursing Services residents faces through music, dance and play. We do love their presence and look forward to the next.

On the other hand, Wentworth residents celebrated Oktoberfest through Chair Travel to Germany for happy hour!