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Olympics, Concert, and More for Wellington Private Care Residents

Wentworth vs. Stanford Olympics Challenge 2021

The opening ceremony commenced with Wellington Private Care residents excited and ready to begin the Olympic challenge. Various sporting events were put in place with Quoits, Basket Ball in the hop, Bean Bag Toss, and Ping Pong Balls in the bucket.

What an exciting time was had by all Wellington Private Care residents who showed great sportsmanship with encouragement to all team members. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, and in this challenge, Stanford took home the gold medals with Wentworth following close behind. The atmosphere was incredible and everyone had a fantastic time.

Wellington Private Care Residents Visit Eden Farm

We are so very lucky to have these wonderful animals within the facility and the residents just love visiting them and giving them something to nibble on.

Getting out into the fresh air and taking a walk to visit the variety of animals we have on offer certainly lifts the residents’ spirits and they all come back with exciting stories of their little adventure. The animals are happy as well to see the residents. They came running as soon as we enter the pathway.

EKKA Fun Day

What an exciting morning it was for the residents in Stanford. The room was full of colour and felt like being at the carnival with many games to entertain.

Wellington Private Care residents had fun with ping pong cup game, pin the horns on the bull, lucky dip, and guess how many lollies in the jar. The residents certainly had a great time and were very excited to receive their show bags at the end.

The Ekka banner made by the residents also stood out and was absolutely beautiful with all its vibrant colours.

Concert with Cameron Smith

Wellington Private Care residents both from Wentworth and Stanford were very fortunate to be entertained by Cam Smith. He had such a powerful voice and wonderful song selection that he had all the residents engaged. You could see their arms swinging, feet tapping, and wearing the biggest smiles while singing along with him.

Residents commented that they had such a wonderful time and looking forward to seeing Cam again.

Circle of Men Get Together

The men enjoyed a get-together and general chat over a cold beverage, sausage, and bread. After their chat, they enjoyed a singalong and each other’s company.

Upcoming Birthdays

9th Carolyn Mallinson
10th Kris Kristensen
12th Laurie Griffin
15th Rosalind Rodger
25th Margaret Brushe
25th Phyllis Doessel
27th Allan Lee