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Wellington Park Aged Care Centre

What does Chinese New Year look like in Wellington Park Aged Care Centre?

Stanford Chinese New Year

Wellington Park Aged Care Centre residents from Stanford celebrated Chinese New Year crafting a dragon decoration with feathers, beads, and rhinestones.

Wentworth Chinese New Year

Wentworth residents had fun on Chinese New Year too with Morning tea and painting.


Once again, we enjoyed lots of singing and dancing last month Wellington Park Aged Care Centre with Concerts, Tic Tac toe, Jamie Fletcher and Allen Mac.

Table and Floor Games

Both Stanford and Wentworth residents came together for more crafting, bowling, and other activities.

Gardening, farm visits, Taiichi, puzzles, Pancake day

There was so much more going on every single day inside Wellington Point. Our residents enjoyed gardening, farm visits, Taiichi, puzzles, and guess what they prepared in the kitchen last month for Pancake day?