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Merrimac Park Aged Care love month celebration

Merrimac Park Aged Care Love Month Activities

Bus Outing – Macintosh Island

Our enthusiastic adventurers from Merrimac Park Aged Care had a great time discovering the urban utopia, Macintosh Island – a tropical oasis right next to Surfers Paradise!

Valentine’s Day Crafts

The residents created the ambience of love and set the mood for Valentine’s Day. They have been busy crafting hearts, colour and friendships. They focused on theming the activity rooms and making messages for their loved ones and each other.

Shrove Tuesday

Otherwise known as pancake day, our bakers got busy mixing and cooking the pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Merrimac Park Aged Care residents enjoyed taste testing and well, they ate faster than we could take a photo. Guess what? They’re also the fastest flippers this side of the coast. Our verdict? The pancakes are so yummy no pancakes were left uneaten!

Table Tennis Tournament at Merrimac Park Aged Care

Latest in sports news! Superstars John and Taeko played table tennis in a grand slam tournament of the new 2024 season! Spectators were overcame with enthusiasm as they cheered from the sides and even spurred to take up a paddle.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Love was in the air for both Ritz and Raffles as our residents and their families celebrated Valentine’s Day in style. Cupcakes, high tea, chocolates, roses and happy hearts made the day memorable for all. We also celebrated Judy’s love for Elvis and Barry and Jean’s enduring love for each other.

Doll Therapy

There’s no stronger love than between a parent and child. Last month, our residents reminisced with affection the joys of holding and caring for babies, well, without the messy parts, during doll therapy. Our grandparents included John, Jean and Betty.

Upcoming Activities at Merrimac Park Aged Care Centre

  • 11th March, 1.30pm – Easter Bonnet Making
  • 12th March, 10.30am – Old McDonald’s Farm
  • 14th March, 10.30am – Nathaniel Flute Player
  • 15th March, 2pm – Saint Patrick’s Day Happy Hour
  • 18th March, 9am – Bus Outing to Budd’s Beach
  • 20th March, 10.30am – Resident and Relative’s Meeting
  • 22nd March, 2pm – Happy Hour Concert with Mark Dean
  • 25th March, 9.30am – Let’s be Greek for a Day

Upcoming Birthdays

  • 16th March – Jack M.
  • 17th March – Iris H.
  • 30th March – Doris R.