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Wellington Point Nursing Home

Wellington Point Nursing Home Halloween Celebration, Crafts, Singing, and Dancing

Bus Excursion

Wellington Point Nursing Home residents enjoyed a bus trip on a lovely sunny day touring the local areas of Cleveland and Manly! Look at their smiling faces, they sure had a great time!

Creativity with Decors

Our residents as always were very creative last month! Stanford made beautiful flower arrangements to decorate the building. Wentworth painted Halloween-themed pictures to celebrate the Spooky season! The wonderful team at McCartney family funerals visited both buildings and joined us to make beautiful wreaths for Remembrance Day.

Maggi Moo and Belly Dancers Visit Wentworth

Wellington Point Nursing Home residents from Wentworth received a visit from the lovely Maggi Moo. Small children came and shared laughter, song, dance, and so many smiles. Wait, there’s more! We also had the Belly Dancers of Ruby Phoenix visit and perform for us! We are looking forward to seeing them all again soon.

Entertainment Inside Wellington Point Nursing Home

Our residents enjoyed the visit from all our entertainers this month! As seen in the photos below, they love to share a dance and sing along!

Halloween Celebration

Happy spooky season! We enjoyed entertainment from Nathaniel, Lyn, and Alistair. Our Amazing Hotel services team organized a visit from the staff and their children for Halloween night! Delighted, our residents gave out candies to the spooky little monsters!