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Staying Fun and Active with Concert, 100th Birthday, and Valentines Day

Silver Memories Roadshow Concert

Wellington Point Private Care residents from Stanford had a fantastic concert as a treat from Silver Memories. The residents became part of the production and had the most amazing time. It actually showed off their artistic skills. By the end of the concert, everyone required a well earned rest. What an enjoyable morning! The feedback from residents, family and staff was absolutely amazing.

Ladies and Men’s Group

Residents from both Wentworth and Stanford have enjoyed getting together and being creative. The ladies from the Wentworth building put their knitting skills to work and did a fantastic job. They enjoyed their time knitting and sitting outside in the fresh air. On the other hand, men up in Stanford made great progress with their wood work project. They’re getting close to painting time which they are all excited about.

100th Birthday at Wellington Point Private Care

One of our lovely residents up in the Stanford building turned 100 – a major milestone! We hosted a beautiful 100th birthday party for her in the activity room which everyone enjoyed. One of her lovely family members took around to show the other residents her cards especially the one received from King Charles. It was such an absolute honor to celebrate this special day with her.

Pet Therapy, Farm Visit, and Valentines Day

Wellington Point Residents really enjoyed spending time up at Eden Farm. They also love having Lilly and Lyn to visit. These activities brought so much joy to the residents and certainly lifted their spirits. The smile on their faces is such a beautiful thing to see. We also celebrated Valentines day with concerts in both Wentworth and Stanford which was a fantastic day.

Community Outings

Last month, residents from both Wentworth and Stanford got to experience a scenic trip down to Raby Bay with a stop at McDonalds for an ice cream sundae. Residents from the Stanford building were invited to a morning tea up at Esme’s house. They really enjoyed the outdoor setting and just loved Esme’s variety of plants. Some of the residents even took a special shine to Noah, Esme’s grandson.