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Gold Coast Nursing Care Cultural Dining, Trips, and Fun Experiences

Gold Coast Nursing Care holds dining experiences every month, taking our residents on a world culinary tour. In June, we visited Italy.

Two of our ladies who happen to be sisters, celebrated their birthdays, one, turning 90. Our chefs organised cakes for every birthday held last month.

Hobbies and Interests

Cooking a soup, playing the guitar or harmonica, and caring a Bonsai – these are some of the past hobbies of our residents. We do what we can to assist them and revisit their past hobbies and interests holistically.

Harmony Hooves Healing Hearts

A variety of animals visit our home twice a month and they always get a lot of attention.

Trips Away from Our Home

Some residents head out with family and friends while a larger group takes the bus to various sights on the Coast.

Around our Home

You just never know what you come across at Gold Coast Nursing Care.

Keeping Physically and Mentally Active

Almost all of our physical games are modified to suit our residents’ individual abilities and our word based games are at times modified to suit the group.

Upcoming Activities

  • Community and Outings
  • Around Our Home in July.


  • 1st Jean W.
  • 5th Hazel B.
  • 12th Dora T.
  • 14th John X.
  • 18th Allan W.
  • 21st Gaylene H.
  • 21st Hanna L.
  • 30th Phillip S.
  • 31st Patrick S