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Wellington Park Aged Care Services Celebrates Queens Jubilee!

Community Outing

We were super excited to start out community outings as part of Wellington Park Aged Care Services once again. Last month, residents from both Wentworth and Stanford got to enjoy morning tea held at the Bush Pantry in Capalaba. The venue was just beautiful and the food and hot drinks were spectacular. Residents had a lovely time out. More trips were planned for next month.

Wellington Park Aged Care Services Birthdays in June

Both residents of Wentworth and Stanford celebrated birthdays with cakes and activities. We made sure to make their day special – look at the photos, they had a lovely day!

Active Sports

Residents really enjoy active sports as it keeps them fit and competitive with each other. Stanford residents said they absolutely love the balloon tennis and feel great after. Just hearing their laughter and enjoyment is the best feeling in the world.

Wentworth also enjoyed a battle of Bocce Bowls.

Queens Jubilee Celebration

Wellington Park Aged Care Services residents enjoyed a morning watching all things British, ready for the evening event of the Queens Jubilee later on TV.

Eden Farm Visit

Last month, Stanford residents went up to see the animals at Eden Farm and gave them something special to eat. I am pretty sure the animals too are very happy to see the residents with food as they come running.

State of Origin

Residents and staff got dressed in their team colours ready for the mate vs. mate state vs. state origin match. Nothing like a bit of a banter between staff and residents.

Happy Hour Shows

Residents of Wellington Park Aged Care Services loved the weekly happy hour events and got excited to see who will be performing on the Friday afternoon session. Some residents like to have a dance while others like to sit and enjoy the music with friends by their side.

Birthdays in July

  • 2nd Lionel G.
  • 6th William M.
  • 7th Janice J.
  • 10th Maureen P.
  • 10th Colin D.
  • 13th Pam P.
  • 20th Dave O.
  • 23rd Ivy H.
  • 23rd Stan T.