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Merrimac Park Nursing Care Enjoyed the Outdoors

Bus Outings and Touring the Community

Winter is a great time to be outdoors at the Gold Coast. Last month, with the weather hovering around the low 20’s and plenty of sun, Merrimac Park Nursing Care residents got down to the beach, rivers, and parklands. They even visited the Cooli Rocks – all are places you can’t miss.

Merrimac Park Nursing Care Entertainers and Singalong

We had to be quick to get in the happy hours these days! Due to COVID19 we are taking every opportunity we can grab to ensure residents are keeping the tradition going – that is, our Friday happy hours.

Around the Grounds of Merrimac

If you were to walk around, you will always find a variety of things happening in all areas of our home. From cooking, to assisted walks, sharing our past in group discussions, taking part in games, or just doing something on your own.

Birthdays and Other Community Activities

Surprise birthdays with friends bring smiles all around. Our GENPAL program is well underway with letters being received by Moggill State School and the replies are now being prepared.

The Footy Tipping competition has now separated the ‘men’ from the ‘boys’ and can now see who are our top tippers to chase.

This Month’s Activities

Community and Outings
Around the grounds
Entertainers and Concerts


Jean W 1st
Beryl G 12th
Allen W 18th
John K 20st
Gaye H 21st
Hanna L 21st
Ray W 28th
Patrick S 31st