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Christmas, New Year, and More Fun at Wellington Point Aged Care Facility

Concert and Dance in Wellington Point Aged Care Facility

Residents were able to enjoy the entertainment in December due to lock downs.

Stanford was lucky enough to have Top Notes at the beginning of the month and Lachlan at the end. Both concerts were amazing and residents had a fabulous time.

Wentworth, on the other hand were entertained from the Tribal Belly dancers which put on an amazing show for both residents and staff. They’re such a very talented group!

Christmas Portraits and Art and Craft

For such a special time of the year, lovely Christmas photos were taken. The portraits turned out beautifully and residents were happy with the finished product.

Stanford residents also enjoyed some Christmas art and craft which looked amazing. The fireplace, placed inside Stanford activity room is incredible and set for all to enjoy.

Christmas Day Lunch

Wellington Point Aged Care Facility residents enjoyed a lovely lunch served in both Wentworth and Stanford activity rooms. The staff made it extra special that they dressed up for this special occasion. They looked fabulous and did a wonderful job. The residents enjoyed a roast pork lunch followed by a yummy dessert.

Silvery Memories and Gardening

Last month, we had a talented couple that certainly entertained the residents and staff at the same time. Such laughter was heard in the Wentworth activity room which was a delight to hear. This double act will be visiting the Stanford building next on the 8th of February with a Hippie Theme. Stanford residents got to enjoy some gardening time first which is always fun for them. Flowers are doing very well and growing fast.

New Year’s Pre-Party

Residents at Wellington Point Aged Care Facility loved this special occasion.  Up in Stanford, Cathie and Elena dressed up in silly costumes which gave everyone a few laughs. They also had a lucky number draw, glow in the dark bracelets, yummy food, singalong, wine, beer, and soft drinks. It was a fantastic afternoon and both residents and staff had a great time.

It was such a nice way to finish the year catching up with fellow residents and having an enjoyable afternoon filled with laughter.

Upcoming Wellington Point Aged Care Events

  • 11th January – New Year’s special lunch held in the activity rooms with concert prior at 10.30
  • 20th January – Warra Warra dancers being held down in the Wentworth building