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Merrimac park private care Christmas

Merrimac Park Private Care Winter Events, Arts, and Therapy

Art Adventures

Merrimac Park Private Care residents experienced art therapy with Eli.

Christmas in Winter

The Christmas lunch turned out really well where they residents shared delicious food and colorful drinks in their paper crowns.

Pet Therapy

Last month, residents had fun playing with and hugging animals from Old MacDonald’s Farm. Look at their happy faces!

Merrimac Park Out and About

There was a lot to enjoy outdoors too!

Kindy Kids

Kindergarten kids came to visit Merrimac Park private care and we planted sunflower seeds together.

Upcoming Activities at the Nursing Home

  • 7th – Kindy visit and Brazilian Independence Day Cultural Lunch
  • 12th – Residents Meeting
  • 8th, 2pm – Happy Hour with David Luxmore in Raffles
  • 15th, 2pm – Happy Hour with Adi in Ritz and Wendy Andrews in Raffles
  • 22nd – Celebrate “Talk like a Pirate” day
  • 4th and 18th of September – Bus Trips