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Halloween and Pirate Day at Wellington Park Aged Care Services

Pirate Day with Booze and Tattoos

We had another successful day dressing up as pirates inside Wellington Park Aged Care Services. Everyone shared fun and laughter while tattooing the residents. Some residents were more adventurous this year asking for larger tattoos as you can see from the photos.

Concerts Time

Concerts were in full force in both Wentworth and Stanford which is always a fantastic activity. It’s an opportunity for residents to get up and dance. The atmosphere is always beaming when it comes to concerts because the residents really enjoy the entertainment and singing.

Halloween Art and Party

For the Halloween party, we needed table center pieces so we decided to get creative and design our own. It was so much fun and we must say Wellington Park Aged Care Services looked even more fabulous. Residents were very proud of their creations. It was truly a fantastic time in both Wentworth and Stanford throughout the Halloween celebrations. Halloween music and glow sticks galore gave both activity rooms a fun atmosphere.

Wellington Park Aged Care Services Community Outings

Last month, we had an exciting scenic outing down to Cleveland point with a stop at the ice-cream store which gave joy to the residents. We also adventured to the Redlands Sporting Club for morning tea. It was overall a very successful outing.

This month, we plan to have another scenic trip to Sirromet winery and a morning tea outing at The Farm Wellington Point.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

The weather wasn’t on our side this year so we’re unable to get up to the farm for this event. However, it didn’t stop us from having an amazing tea party in the Stanford activity room with a table dressed that the mad hatter would have been proud of. The food was fantastic and the mad hatters designed by Lifestyle team brought laughter to the room as the residents model them.