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Wellington Park Nursing Home

Wellington Park Nursing Home Enjoys Italian Day, Games, and Music

National Italian Day and Winter Soup

Our Wellington Park Nursing Home residents kickstarted the month with National Italian Day and we celebrated with pizza! Stanford made delicious bruschetta and Wentworth made traditional Sicilian almond cookies.

As the cold season of the year comes in, Stanford residents got busy in the kitchen making the classic homemade pea and ham soup! We are excited to make more yummy treats next month.

Table Top/Floor Games and Tai Chi

Our residents at Wellington Park had lots of fun last month! They enjoyed bowling, floor bobs, the target game, golf, snakes & ladders and table bowls. They spent mornings doing seated Chinese Martial Arts also known as Tai Chi which is all about slow gentle movements, a meditative state of mind and controlled breathing. We look forward to what enjoyment July has in stall for our lovely residents!

Maggi Moo

Maggi Moo visited Wentworth last month and the residents loved interacting with the mums and bubs! They spent the morning smiling from ear to ear as they sang songs, played dress up, and danced! The theme for dress up was Superheroes – look how the residents enjoyed every minute of it. It’s always a pleasure and we look forward to their next visit.

Craft, Splatter Paint, Tea Towel Teddy Bears and Card-making

Our residents are truly creative when it comes to crafting! Last month, they made Teddy bears out of tea towels. They splatter-painted canvases, made cards for loved ones from scratch, and added new additions to our Lifestyle Stall! Be sure to check it out when you pop in to visit Wellington Park Nursing Home next time.

Ballroom dancing & Vinyl record playing

Both buildings were visited by the wonderful ballroom dancers who never fail to entertain our residents and light up the room with their beautiful choreography!

Stanford residents enjoyed a beautiful concert from Lyn and Alistair and Wentworth residents enjoyed Vinyl record reminiscing. They listened to great hits from the seekers, Charlie Pride and other great singers of their generation!