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Body and Mind Activities at Wellington Point Aged Care

Indoor Bowling

Stanford residents at Wellington Point Aged Care love getting active and really enjoy the challenge of indoor bowling. This activity gives them the opportunity to be social and competitive at the same time. They have made such progress with their bowling skills and are super proud of their personal achievements.

Birthday Celebrations at Wellington Point Aged Care

Last month was a busy month for birthdays. Due to lockdown, we were unfortunately not able to celebrate all the birthdays in the activity room. Instead, rooms were decorated with birthday banners and birthday songs were sung on their special day.

Jar Craft

Residents from Pearl were very creative with jar art and they made some amazing creations. They were super proud of how the finished products looked.

Paper Plane Craft

Paper planes are always a favourite for the residents. Graham followed the instructions without assistance in making his plane. He did a fantastic job.

Cooking Class (Wentworth and Stanford)

Residents from Stanford enjoyed making chocolate chip cookies and the smell from the activity room was amazing.  They enjoyed their finished product followed by a cup of tea.

Residents sat around watching. Peg show them her homemade scones recipe while we talked about different types of scones. We enjoyed a long awaited taste test after. The residents absolutely loved them and looked forward to having Peg show us other cooking ideas.

Birthdays in July

  • 4th Dorothy W.
  • 5th Judith V.
  • 8th Dennis L.
  • 13th Joyce M.
  • 19th Barry C.
  • 20th Ross D.
  • 28th Selda M.
  • 29th Lorna K.