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Wellington Point Nursing Care on Ekka Day plus More Exciting Activities!

Ekka Fun

Everyone had an amazing day with a variety of games offered to Wellington Point Nursing Care residents for their enjoyment to celebrate Ekka Day. We heard so much laughter and witnessed bright, enthusiastic faces all around the activity rooms. There were also strawberry ice-creams and goodie bags to finish off the exciting day which was greatly appreciated.

Daffodil Day

Wellington Park spent a beautiful day with the residents creating daffodil art and dressing in yellow to support lifesaving cancer research.

Cooking Class

Residents from Stanford enjoyed making the doggie treats once again. They love making these treats and giving something special for the dogs to enjoy. Lilly will be absolutely spoiled with treats.

Balloon Tennis, Air Hockey, Quoits, and Cards

Residents from both Wentworth and Stanford find balloon tennis so much fun and it certainly gives everyone a few laughs.  It’s a great physical and mental exercise and is always enjoyed by all residents.

Residents at Stanford also played Air Hockey and got quite competitive during the activity.  It was so much fun watching them enjoying themselves. They also did other activities such as Quoits and UNO which residents love.

Concert Time at Wellington Point Nursing Care

Residents always enjoy concert time held in the activity rooms. Their love for music shines through their smiles, body movements, and feet tapping to the music.

Art and Craft Therapy

Being creative is a wonderful achievement and residents at both Stanford and Wentworth certainly love these activities. They always feel very proud of their finished items. The residents are so excited about their craftwork that it is now being sold.

Currently, Stanford has a stand near the fish tank with a variety of items for sale. Wentworth’s stand is coming soon.  The funds raised go towards more materials to make more items to sell.  The residents get very excited when we sell out of items on the sale stand, the facecloth dogs have been very popular.

Birthday Celebrations

August is another great month for birthdays, socializing, and cake on the menu for Wellington Point Nursing Care residents. It’s obviously an enjoyable time which residents look forward to.

Birthdays in August

  • Carolyn M. – 9th
  • Laurie G. – 12th
  • Rosalind R. – 15th
  • Margaret B. – 25th
  • Phyllis D. – 25th